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Guide to Hack Twitter

Got any Twitter account you desperately need to hack? Your boyfriend's? Girlfriend's? Children’s? Get ready to hack any Twitter account!

First, we would need to say that our script uses an extremely complex method, understandable only by experienced hackers or programmers. In simple terms, it grabs at the victims URL, seizing the username. The script then begins a search for any occurrence of this username in the database of Twitter. The script then begins to attempt reading the encrypted password. When the reading has been successful, decryption begins, and this could be extremely hard, considering that Twitters encryption method is one of the best in use on the web. With the help of a few Twitter developers though, we have successfully laid hands on their encryption method, making password decryption a matter of minutes for our scripts. You will not be detected!

Why do people hack Twitter account?

People will give you various reasons for wanting to hack a Twitter account that belongs to someone else. It ranges from parents being curious about their children’s twitter activities, or an ex- girlfriend or boyfriends dying to know what their ex is up to. Spouses might also just want to keep an eye on the activities of their better half on Twitter.

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